About Us

TSORcing is a trusted U.S. Veteran owned and operated company specializing in international procurement, quality, and logistics.

With offices in the U.S. and Asia, we are on the side of those who dare greatly - we stand with you in the arena.

Together, let's rise above.

Don't hit a wall in your overseas manufacturing plan.

Before there was a billion dollar idea like the Fidget Spinner, Pet Rock, or Beanie Babies, thousands of people had the idea first but never followed through to make it happen.

We take your billion dollar idea, help you produce a prototype, and bring products to scale so you can see your idea become reality.

Have you felt overwhelmed at how much there is to accomplish just to get your idea off the ground, and are worried that someone else will steal your idea before you launch?

Or are you frustrated that your billion dollar idea will never come to fruition because you’re overwhelmed at everything that needs to happen?

TSOR stands with those who dare greatly to make their ideas happen.

Our Mission

We partner and guide American based companies and entrepreneurs through the Asia procurement process through character and transparency.

Building a Bridge of Trust

Dozens of the world’s future entrepreneurs are struggling to get their product idea launched because of mistrust and feeling like they have to go it alone. They have felt the pain of delays, miscommunication, poor quality, and not being able to see their product being launched which equates to wasted time and lost money.

We do things differently. Because we are entrepreneurs as well, we've experienced the high and lows of running a business. We understand startups because we started up ourselves, and we've worked with dozens of growth stage companies to know the best practices to grow. We are both business coaches and business players, and will take those lessons learned to guide you so you reduce costly mistakes.

TSOR is on the ground in China and America. Our team of highly experienced professionals communicate your product vision & specifications clearly to the local factory owner, physically visit the production location, and provide transparency throughout the entire process. We are with you the entire procurement process so you are not alone.

With TSOR as your procurement guide, we partner with you to:
1) understand and refine your Vision,
2) identify and select factories best suited for you,
3) build a trusting relationship with the factory owner,
4) ensure the prototype and final product meets your requirements,
5) import your product into the U.S.

Are you ready for the entrepreneur's journey?

We partner with those who are all in.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Our Integrative Offerings

How we serve

To those who dare greatly, we make your ideas reality.

Product Design Advisement & Prototype Production

Factory Vetting and Production Quality checks

Ensure quality and trust with your customers and suppliers.

Supply Chain and Import Logistics Advisement

Navigate the complexities of ocean freight and avoid costly delays.

Ready to grow your business?

Our Sourcing Experts

TSOR personal pic

James was born in Chicago and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

He is the Global Director at TSOR Group, a leading management advisement firm focused on creating a sustainable and human-centric future. With over 50 years of combined experience, James and his team assist clients in the private, public, and social impact sectors in overcoming obstacles and implementing new ideas.

With his expertise in operations, attention to detail, and dedication to creating sustaining and resilient businesses, James is an ideal partner for growth stage companies facing operational challenges. His ability to identify obstacles, provide transformative counsel, and implement effective solutions makes him an asset in scaling organizations for long-term success.

Shan Head SHot

Shan majored in advertising at Hunan University of Commerce, mastered in Creative Industry of Queensland University of Technology. 

Shan has served in various industries, including automobile, food, finance, IP, education, real estate, tourism, etc. He has cooperated with clients from the US, Australia, China Mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, and Malaysia.

Shan has worked with brands such as Audi, Geely, Larva, SIAE, Blue Dolphin, Fork Earth and many others.