The Vital Role of Developing Soft Skills 

Author: James Cheng There’s a sales adage that states, “Sell yourself first; the product is secondary.” When people believe in the person and trust is established, their faith extends to the product as well.  As previously discussed, soft skills, also known as power skills, encompass a spectrum of character traits and interpersonal abilities that foster … Read more

Nurturing True Confidence: Embracing Identity

Building Self-Confidence: The Connection with Competence The mantra “competence equals confidence” often resonates in our pursuit of self-assuredness. This journey usually commences in our youth, marked by small victories that gradually reinforce our belief in our abilities. Each accomplishment contributes to our growing self-assurance, fostering resilience in the face of obstacles. This enduring spirit, often … Read more

Unlocking the Power of Purpose: Why Vision Matters in Motivating Employees and Attracting Customers

In the journey of life, individuals invest their most valuable assets, time, and energy, into endeavors that align with two pivotal factors: 1. The perceived personal benefits they will gain from their efforts. 2. Their belief in the grand vision that drives the endeavor. This underscores the critical importance of discovering and embracing one’s “why” … Read more