One Thing You Can’t Fake in Leadership

Author: Jenn Bowman When it comes to developing and implementing soft skills into your leadership role, there is one key component that will make or break your efforts: Caring. You have to actually CARE. Caring is an intangible quality that can’t be faked or replicated, and it’s something that your employees can discern with remarkable … Read more

Practical Steps to Build Relationships and Enhance Emotional Intelligence 

Author: James Cheng In our previous articles, we delved into the significance of soft skills, the vital role of emotional intelligence (EQ), and the profound value of nurturing meaningful relationships. While the importance of EQ has been widely acknowledged in business circles, the question remains: how can we practically develop them?  Among the key components … Read more

Poor Leadership Impacts Employees Beyond 9 to 5—Here’s What You Can Do About It. 

Author: Jenn Bowman In the hustle and bustle of today’s workplaces, ‘soft skills’ (I.e., human-centered skills) often take a backseat to productivity metrics and hard, quantifiable results. But what happens when the human side of work is disregarded? What happens to employees in the long run when they work under poor leadership? The impact doesn’t … Read more

The Vital Role of Developing Soft Skills 

Author: James Cheng There’s a sales adage that states, “Sell yourself first; the product is secondary.” When people believe in the person and trust is established, their faith extends to the product as well.  As previously discussed, soft skills, also known as power skills, encompass a spectrum of character traits and interpersonal abilities that foster … Read more

Redefining ‘Soft’— Why These Skills are Essential for Success in the Modern Workplace

Author: Jenn Bowman As the corporate landscape evolves, one term has transformed from a mere buzzword into a vital toolkit for success—Soft skills. These unassuming attributes that once seemed secondary to technical or “hard” skills have now taken the center stage, demonstrating how the power of human connection and communication propels modern professionals and businesses … Read more

Nurturing True Confidence: Embracing Identity

Building Self-Confidence: The Connection with Competence The mantra “competence equals confidence” often resonates in our pursuit of self-assuredness. This journey usually commences in our youth, marked by small victories that gradually reinforce our belief in our abilities. Each accomplishment contributes to our growing self-assurance, fostering resilience in the face of obstacles. This enduring spirit, often … Read more

Want to burn an extra 22,000 calories per year?

An Underutilized Investment: I walk into corporate offices and I see the same issue over and over: the company invested thousands of dollars in standing desks for their team yet everyone is sitting down.  As I make my way through the office I ask folks how often they stand.  The answer is consistent, “I tried it but … Read more