Confidence vs Identity
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How does one gain self-confidence?

Normally, it begins at a young age when small tasks completed. With each completed task, a person gains confidence in themselves that they have the ability to get things done.
Perseverance is grown when faced with an obstacle, but not giving up until the task is completed. This is where people talk about the idea of “grit,” which is the ability to endure, and keep going, No matter the obstacle. A history of success gives people an expectation for future success.
However, if your confidence is based solely on your ability to complete tasks, then you’re only as confident as your last successful task. This confidence is a flimsy one, because it is based on performance. What happens when you fail at a task? What is your reaction? If you feel defeated and a failure, then this is performance-based validation.
But we should look at confidence, not only based on performance, but in your identity.

False Identity
How to you see yourself? Are you a smart person? Athletic? The way you see yourself will affect your actions and how you want people to see you. You will want evidence to support your identity. Anything that goes against that identity, most people will try to fight it.
So, if you see yourself as the smartest person in the room, then you will do whatever it takes to be smart. Anytime someone else beats you, or gets a better grade, you will try to find ways to keep supporting this identity that you are smart.
Same with being the fastest runner, or athletic. This is a false identity because your identity isn’t what you do.

True identity is knowing who you are despite your performance or how others view you.
I believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins and allows us to be reconciled to God.
Anyone who believes in that becomes an adopted child of God. Because I believe in that, then my identity is that of a child first. No one can take that away from me. You will always be your parent’s child. A good parent will want to give their child the best, and the best chances to be successful. Everything a parent has, is also their children’s, and they will eventually inherit. So if you have a father with a lot of resource, then wouldn’t a good father want to use their resources to help their child?

Did you know that you are already a winner?
Think about it.. Of all the millions of sperm that your father had, and the hundreds to thousands of ovaries your mother had, and somehow the timing and convergence happened that make you. If not you, it could’ve been someone else.
Imagine a race, that is participated by millions, every month, week, and sometimes everyday. You only get one chance to participate in it, and only one person wins. Also imagine the race where the finish line changes, you don’t know the distance, or some races there is no finish line at all. And then imagine that the participants don’t get to choose when to race. When it’s time, you have to run. If you lose, then you die. Only one person gets the prize.
Well that’s exactly what you did to get here: to be born.
Millions of sperm from your father, raced each other to reach, the egg in your mother… and you won.

Let’s rise above and lead.

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