High-Performance Talent

We identify high-performance individuals to enable high-production teams.

TSOR’s extensive experience recognizes the complex dynamics of hiring for a high-production environment. We provide fact-based assessments and unbiased recommendations to ensure the best hires for your unique team.

Have you ever felt...

TSOR’s team has worked in and understands the demands of high-production environments. We are not recruiters, we are industry experts that are effective at finding the right talent to support fast paced and high volume operations.

We partner with leaders who are sick of recruiters that are out of touch with their business.

TSOR leverages behavioral marketing principles to attract the right candidates to your job opening.

We know that the candidates you need are out there. Let us partner to get you the right talent for your team.

TSOR’s team uses an effective methodology to screen candidates and quickly identify the top individuals for interviews.

We are proven at using data based assessments, technical evaluations, and behavioral screening to highlight the top candidates from any pool. 

Have you ever felt like if you just had more people like your top performer, everything would be better?

We are proven at finding more people like _____ . TSOR’s hiring process builds a cohesive team of top performers to drive excellence.

Our process delivers high-performance candidates:

Step #1: Job Profile
We create a custom job profile to ensure the job description and requirements resonate with the right type of candidates for the position.
Step #2: Search
We leverage our network to find candidates that best match the identified job profile, work environment, and company culture.
Step #3: Screening
Using the job profile, we objectively screen candidates and rank them so you can be sure the best candidates are being interviewed.
Step #4: Interviews
We provide you with a question guide for use during the interview to objectively get to the key areas of fit and alignment.
Step #5: Offer Letter
We will work with you to draft an offer letter and work through the pre-employment details to make onboarding efficient.

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Our Purpose

We are dedicated to empowering leaders in construction, maritime, and transportation industries with the tools and knowledge to excel. Our mission is to "Develop first-class managers of world-class teams."

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Our Process

A Proven System for Success: